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As many hire Peggy to choreograph, direct or consult, she is also available as an educator.

Peggy personally designed these amazing informative sessions that will certainly propel your students to perform with confidence and pride. Whether you have an established dance studio, show choir or musical theatre department or taking steps to begin one, you will not be disappointed with her techniques!


-Book all 3 sessions for an amazing workshop!-


Perform From The Core

While singing and moving, “core” placement of a body is essential.  Peggy’s direction helps students with her special "core" technique and how crucial it is when using their arms, legs - enhancing their overall performance.  Her background in ballet, jazz and yoga comes into play in this true master class.


“Burn the Floor”

When choreography calls for moving across the floor whether turning, walking or running, Peggy’s coaching inspires confidence in body, arm and foot placement.  Special instruction is on engaging the arms so they not only help the movement, but look strong.  Also a special feature is on how to keep vocals forward when turning and techniques to not lose the audience’s focus.  This seminar is a MUST for show choirs!


Ladies Only”

Girls are excited when they get to dance and move in dance shoes with heels. However, proper technique and body placement training is not only key to performing great, but for safety. From Peggy’s experience on stage in Vegas and revue shows she shares techniques to move gracefully, feel and look poised while dancing in heels.




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